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Please fix your matchmaking ea. Started this game on a new console after a year away and I'm fighting 4+5 stars with my silver fighters and it's a pain. I'm guessing it's to make desperate noobs shell out for real money on packs but it's a bit absurd that a fully 5 star move equipped 5 star fighters gets matched with silver fighters at all.


  • There is literally nobody playing his game with silver fighters or gold fighters. Sorry about that.
  • Kristek91
    219 posts Member
    edited November 2019
    Ufortunately 80% of ppl left this game cuz of no updates and huge amount of noobs spamming spinning things. Ea doesnt care at all so thats how it looks like atm. I bet that there are ppl using silver fighters but not many of them. Theres a guy who cant login to UT for days now and nobody wants to help him. Thats how much they care.
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