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Why can't we vote trolls out of game yet?

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Please for the life of God why has this not been addressed yet with the developers? I mean you have people out there who shoot into own net, go offsides on purpose, intentionally interfere with the goalie, and some scream at the top of their lungs in the lobby/game, blast music extremely loud, and still all we can do is mute the screaming and music. Wth is up with that, why the heck are all of us who love hockey and this game having to deal with this crap day in and day out. Instead of some stupid pajamas for the goalie how bout we work on some sort of system to get this garbage outta the game. Please don't tell me to report them on ps4, we all know thats a waste of time. DO SOMETHING!!!

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  • Only solution at this time is finding a club. As far as I’m concerned drop ins are a %100 waste of time. The community has gotten worse year after year. They actually did do something you now have the ability to play in anyone’s club as long as they invite you. Unlike years past where you would have to leave and join. That in itself is a plus
  • Like anything I have a feeling the reason why developers avoid this topic is there's just too much opportunity for what ever they come up with to be exploited too as well! We've debated the merits on having a lobby voting system but I could definitely see trolls joining forces for the sake of amusement. Really what a good fix would be is bring back the custom lobbies! You give the players a little bit more control over their experience and the ability for good like minded players to find each other and play!
  • Because 95% of forwords are babies.
  • Four words Force the defense and goalies to quit
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    EA good job on making every match even.

  • Drop ins will never be even as long as buddies are allowed to team up vs Rando’s

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