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Anaheim helmet 1993 color error

@EA_Roger there is an error on the helmet color on the might duck 1993 away kit, it should be the same color as the sweater and not black


  • I mentioned this like a week after release.

    Also, the gloves on Calgary’s alumni teams home and away unis are red. They should be black as well. After 2 title updates and multiple roster updates, it’s still not fixed. I’m at the point now where I don’t think it ever will be.

    I’ll leave all the other posts about game play and idiotic AI to other members. I tend to concentrate on the little things.
  • The Calgary glove issue was fixed the latest roster update, don't remember if the Anaheim helmet issue was addressed yet.
  • SvenArne123
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    edited November 2019
    Anaheim 1993 helmet is still black in the last roster update. Also the helmet for their white jersey is the wrong color - it's cream colored instead of white which looks pretty awful. It's the same for most alumni teams white helmets.

    Weird thing is it was also the case for a few 18-19 uniforms, like Dallas. I made a thread about this a few weeks back showing the color of the white Dallas helmet. I just checked the latest roster update and now the Dallas white helmet has been fixed and is now proper white. For some reason though they didn't fix the Sharks one which is also cream colored, and they didn't fix the alumni ones either.

    Btw, I just checked, the Anaheim 93 helmet was NOT black in NHL 19. For some reason they changed it for 20. They did wear a black helmet for those jerseys between 97-99, according to NHL uniform database, but for the other 10 years they wore those uniforms the helmet was not black so kind of a weird choice.
  • This just goes to show how little EA cares. You’d think something small like that they’d get, especially if it was in the game years prior. They can’t get the fans chants right for some teams for some reason either.
  • boumbidiboum
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    edited November 2019
    For the old teams white uniforms, I agree that it would look better with white helmet, but the real helmets were kinda cream so it is pretty accurate.

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