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Rerolls and player upgrades. Should be tiers

There should be tiers like in madden for the rerolls so trading in certain overalls garentees a player from a higher tier.
Anyone else think its a kinda messed up that you can trade in 8 gold players and get back a lower overall.
Like I have a few 87 overall legends on my team i got early on from the icon trade ins, with players all having 95+ speed now and they only have like 80 speed they are pretty much useless now. But theres nothing to do with them.
If i trade In my 87 untradeable legends, I get back 2 80-82 overall guys....Not worth it, and since they are untradeable I can't even sell.


  • Trade them in as part of the 50 gold players for icon collectibles if they are otherwise totally useless to you
  • Why tho, icon collectables are useless after you get gretzky and lumeux, even the 90 overalls have very poor skating stats.
  • I disagree about the speed of Icons making them useless. Yes, some of them are a little slow, but they usually have other qualities. It may not fit with your game style, but does for some people. Some Icons will be upgradeable later in the season too, so they might become good for you.

    Anyway, they (EA) removed the tiers this year. They use to have common and rare cards and sets for each, but it was confusing for some people and made the cards price gap bigger. By removing subgroups/tiers of cards, you keep all the price higher in general and closer too (between cards of the same level). So more money for (EA) at the end. Yes, some cards are rarer (like master items, prime, etc..) and some more popular/demanded, which result in higher value on market for those rare/wanted cards. In general though, they the prices stay higher for longer period of times and are more predictable/manageable. Same thing for the lower overall this year, it keeps the prices higher and keep players spending money to buy new players. Just a basic business principle.
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    In Madden you can trade 2 low silvers for a high silver, 3 high silver for a low gold, 5 low golds for a high gold, 5 high gold for an 80-81, 3 80-81 for an 82-83, etc.

    This doesn't work in NHL though because of the high number of special cards that are released each week. Everyone would have a stacked team in no time. Plus, Madden packs only contain players and the basic packs include only 5, not to mention that there are more lineup spots to fill.

    They also tell you exactly what each pack contains. "1 70+ player, 2 66+ players, 2 60+ players"

    Madden is a way better system in my opinion.

  • rogers2487 wrote: »
    Why tho, icon collectables are useless after you get gretzky and lumeux, even the 90 overalls have very poor skating stats.

    They won’t stay useless. No doubt more cards will be released later that need icon collectibles. Save them up
  • They will have upgrades for alot of the icons probably
  • There are supposed to be Gold Icons coming and I'm betting we'll need a combination of Silver Icon players, Icon Collectables and Gold Collectables to upgrade to them.
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