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New Synergies - Dynamic Duo cards

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edited November 2019
Does anyone has the info about the new 3 synergies?
I looked everywhere and could not get the boost details for the new duo cards with their unique synergies.


  • After getting the loans, the CP is +2 Endurance, Puck Control and Wrist shot accuracy
    Still wondering what the 2 others are
  • The last time that they posted a news article on their website was Oct 25 for the Heavy Hitters promotion.
    And they are spelling the plural of "duos" with an apostrophe: "duo's"
    Just amazing
  • If those are the same Synergies from previous years;

    HT was Hammer Time and boosted +2 Checking, Strength and Slapshot ratings.

    CP was Clutch Player and boosted +2 Endurance, Puck Control & Writs Shot Accuracy.

    DZ was Dangler Zone and boosted +2 Deking, Hand-Eye & Puck Control
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