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How do you get your team to forcheck?

How is it determined how you get your ai to skillzone forcheck? I've tried every setting and can't get my players to hound the opposition. Seems tons of cowards do it to me. Could never figure this out in this game my team not once has done it meanwhile every second game I get pursued beyond belief. I've had high checking players and they don't so I'm perplexed.


  • In your Team strategies, make sure your Forecheck is 1-2-2 Agressive, your trap/forecheck at 6, offensive pressure at Aggressive or full attack.
    But even if you have it right, the game will cheat you sometimes.
    I had the right strategies in some online game earlier, were the tilt was a thousand % against me and the game was still close despite the low overall opponent cheat...
    With 30 sec left and behind one goal, all my pressure was maxed, the guy was going around his slot, and all my players were in the neutral zone and didn't move for the rest of the game applying zero pressure.
    There are a lot of bugs so sometimes it just won't let you have a chance to win even if you have the correct settings.
    In that game, I was scored on with close-to-the goalie-all alone one timers, when all my defensive strategies were all down to defence and close support.
    My 85-89 defenders were all over the place out of position turning their back to their man to let easy goals in like if my opponent was playing a rookie AI.
    In those games, obviously the goalie stops barely nothing, even though he's a big 87 and the players were base 82-83.
    The next game, same strategies, my pressure around his net and around his circles got me turnovers and 4 goals in the first period before he rage-quit.

    So in short, learn to change your strategies in game, start with the correct ones, and pray to get in games where this would actually work as it's supposed to.
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    Well, to make your wingers more agressive, you need to set them to exit early (I don’t remember where it is and the name of the setting, but it is down the list) and you can make them more aggressive by choosing full attack and/or sliding the slider to forecheck.. But, it might not work well depending on your opponent defensive strategies, if he is using a 1-3-1 with the slider to trap. If he is very aggressive, playing with the slider all the way to forecheck in full attack mode, you should be able to get your winger behind his d-men and force a long pass. Just remember to be careful though because if he intercept the pass, your wingers won’t be there to help your defense.
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