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Fix goalies

I have been buying NHL since 2008, and every year it has been my #1 game. This year it is falling off and losing a lot of interest in it. The biggest issue is your goalies are the worst I have ever seen. They are way to animation based. I have scored goals cause a pick hit a defender in the leg and goalie stayed frozen in a animation so puck slow and a snail goes through his legs. The blocker and glove hands go up so gosh darn slow. It seems like you got rid of goalie IQ to recognize when a 1 timer is coming. Most of all there is no "push" from one post to another. Goalies push to left or right left. SO MANY goals both for and against are because the goalie is forever in butterfly and takes 2-5 mini pushes to get from post to post. It is incredibly unrealistic and honestly making this game unplayable to me and my friends. I will be happy to talk more to go in depth but goalies are the worst.
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