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    I forgot to mention: one of the main reasons the revolt started (aside from them banning one of the Top Drivers) was that the devs had come on the boards and basically said something to the effect that: it's a video game and they had creative rights to do what they wanted, how they wanted and if we had a problem with how the game played, it was obviously OUR fault for not playing how they expected us to play their game.

    I even showed them a clip of me running race in Autralia and keeping my car in the racing line, but the AI driver would come from behind and ram me off the track on turn 11-12. The dev's response was that it was MY fault because my car was slower... Never mind that an actual F1 driver would still slow down to avoid the collision and then pass me on turn 12 being the faster car... I even tested driving wider or narrower on turn 11, same results, the AI would aggressively turn into my car and send me flying. My fault...

    Sound familiar?

    I don't know if it sounds familiar or not, but definitely sounds like a skill gap situation.

    Git gud on turn 11. :wink:

    I don't know if you know anything about F1, but those two turns 11-12 (The Waite chicane) are two very fast corners after a long straight where your car reaches speeds of over 320 Km/h in 8th gear. Most F1 drivers will be cautious there because it's a very fast, very tight section of the track and contact there may result in the end of the race for either (or most likely BOTH) drivers.

    There was a constant bug in previous games where the AI would aggressively bully you in those corners, regardless of the consequences.

    It finally got fixed for F1 2017, and the AI appropriately manages their car there now. They can still smash into you if you're not careful, but it's a lot better now that the devs actually listened to their fans.

    That's all we ask for. As consumers, we may not know HOW a game is programmed, but we know enough about the sport or event to be able to tell when something's wright or wrong. In this case the fans were right and the dev listened. And now the game's better for it.

    Who'd've thunk it, eh? :p
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