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Goalie slide issue

I know this was an issue sometimes when pad stacking but is this the same thing? Also having issues sliding a bit when just going to butterfly and there's a rebound.


  • Ya my goalies slid way the heck out of position for just a minor movement. Not super often, thankfully, but annoying when it happens.
  • Just bumping this, sorry. It's getting annoying. I drop to butterfly, don't move the stick, and my goalie will slide to one side or the other. It's not a full push, maybe half the width of the goalie. For rebounds though this is terrible.
  • umm..., i didn't see anything of that in offline, u sure patched your game and stuff, u sure u got latest roster update and patch 140.
  • cause i did go into game just now didn't see that, or any hint of it, not sure what buttons your pressin, but are u sure u have internet and xbox plugged into retrieve latest patches.
  • and another thing are u sure we playin' same game here, what version is your NHL game.
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