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Are higher overall players coded different?

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Like it seems on a level that has nothing to do with user skill these players are just that over powered compaired to the average skater. They certainly dont follow the same rules and get many advantages that average players miss out on, like the way they skate, not the speed or other skating attributes, but the actual way they skate and angles they take, like a 92 with all 90+ skating stats just moves differently than say a 84 or 85 with similar attributes. Same goes for puck control and that dumb pesky auto retain the puck after getting poked and hit and sitcklifted but with 0 user skill just because they are a higher overall cam just coast and automatically hold on to the puck even when triple covered.

It's almost like there are certain subtitle animations and programming that only activates for the highest overall star players to give them that extra advantage, that is not user skill based, but just gets the "ice tilt" pumping in their favor


  • If this was the consistent base then that would be a good thing. McDavid skates different then most, he uses a cross over stride which is how he is one of or the fastest guys in the nhl. By no means should a 80 something guy should skate like a 90 something guy. But what we usually end up with is some 70 overall outskating McDavid
  • Some higher end players and cover players (like Matthews and some others) have some animations specific to them. Usually when a player get to be the cover player or some other reason, they get to go in the EA studio and record animations for their player. (Signature moves and things like that) Beside that and the different attributes values, there’s nothing coded in the game giving higher end cards an edge.

    I think that very often people underestimate how complex the game engine code is. Which attributes are used, what they do and when they are used... Only for skating, there’s many attributes used, other factors (like being in possession of the puck or not, back skating, etc...) and probably other stuffs (like height, taller mean longer strides). The speed attribute is only for the top speed that your player can reach, it doesn’t mean that you will reach it. Acceleration determines how fast you can accelerate to that top speed. Agility determines how much speed you loose while turning and how agile you are (turning left and right, etc...). Endurance, how long you can do it. And many other attributes are used... So that being said, there’s many different reason why a lower speed player can be outskated by a lower attribute player during a game.
  • That makes sense and is pretty much being coded different. It kinda explains why in HUT the base Mathews base mcdavid, ECT. Skate way better than they should for their listed stats. The base Mathews only has 89 skating and 90 speed and accel, yet moves very differently and faster than other 84 guys loke stamkos for example who have much better listed attributes for skating.
  • Just because they have different animations doesn't mean that the actual movement is faster.
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