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A simple change that will instantly satisfy most users

Wait for it...

Custom sliders online.

That's it. That simple. Have a separate leader board for custom sliders (like a non-ranked leaderboard) and allow people to manually choose which slider set they want to play in the game.

You'll need to set up a lobby system for this for something like EASHL but you guys have done it in the past anyways.

That way leagues like LG will prosper as they will have their own custom sliders made specifically for that league to tailor to realism, limit the abuse of L2, etc.

Players who absolutely hate your sliders that come out of the box can now enjoy the game. People will hang around longer. Nobody will be upset about the rampant issues you guys take forever to adjust (like those pesky overpower pass interceptions!) because they can still play the game they believe that can look like hockey again!

Why not? Some may say it might fracture the community. But hey, y'all already dun did that with threes and taking the fun out of majority of the other modes already!

I think it's a good idea.


  • How do you limit the abuse of L2 with a slider?
  • net_rogue1 wrote: »
    How do you limit the abuse of L2 with a slider?

    Puck control sliders. If you pivot at too high a speed you'll lose control of the puck. You can pivot at low speeds live in the real nhl but going full tilt and doing a 180 with control is something an elite player with amazing hands can do.
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