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EASHL - AI can be pretty brutal at times...

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Please for the love of all that's holy make the AI teammates smarter or at least more consistent. 200 games in and I've noticed these turkeys get progressively worse, and it doesn't seem to matter what position my teammates and I are nor what strategies we set.

The problems the Ai frequently showcase are as follows. [please keep in mind these are just the tip of the iceberg and human positioning error has absolutely 0 bearing on most of these]

- Constantly passing the puck up the middle in the defensive zone (BIG nono).

- (in the attacking zone) Constantly passing back to the D man when it should be completely obvious they're smothered and shouldn't have the puck.

- Failing miserably at bank-passes (they just attempt a super lame/weak passes at 10% power directly left/right).

- Skating in front of you going 2mph because why not?

- Refusing to pass when us humans directly call for it (your masters have given you an order, now follow them you goomba!).

- Skating up to the blue line only to just stand there and get smoked.

- Skating to the blue line only to realize they don't know what they're doing, panic, then skate back to the red line.

- Skating up to the blue line to just blast the puck backwards (how is that at all useful? Just cross the dang line!).

- Dumping the puck when there's, like, 3 seconds left in a period ( JUST SHOOT AT THE NET!!).

- Dumping the puck in general - this practically never ever works; please please please PLEASE give us the option for 0 dump strategies*

- Just skating forward and getting poked during a penalty shot * Especially brutal in 3v3 since players purposely attack the cpu after getting a penalty on another human.

- Refusing to give a human player a juuuuuiiiiccyyy crossover goal (you guys really need to give us a crossover button similar to R2's passing but make it work.

- Panicking so bad when a sniper comes into the defensive zone that they give themselves a brain aneurysm and let the attacker freely skate past them.

This is all I can come up with off the top of my head. I hate to sound so whiny but wow when they have an off-game, they REALLY have an off-game...

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