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Low Team Overall

All right, we’ve been asked ourself some question for HUT! Is low team stack better than stacked team? I had a 99 speed/acceleration getting beat by some 82/85 players, easily!

So, we’ve figure that 87 overall team are rally hard to to beat no matter what you do! My 91 goalie let 9 goals out of 19 shots, 2 were absolutely my fault tho. His Bishop 82, took 38 shots, let 3 goals in, with saves you don’t see everyday!

So, basically grinding this game is useless? Or is it just me maybe?


  • Nope it's not you just played a guy I out shot 40 -7 my time of attack 17 to 2 he beat 2-1 on a shot from behind the net and a tip from the point he had all base cards with no syns active ,it's not just you
  • I don’t think it is useless to grind, the higher overall cards are better in general. They are not unbeatable though. On the Competitive sliders, the players attributes effect slider is not very high. Probably to keep players from being able to buy a winning team (with real cash) and leave others with no chances of winning ever. It keeps it more fair (between people spending money vs people that doesn’t), it becomes more about thumbs skills than really team building, etc... If you take player individually though, a higher overall player play better than his lower version, not by a lot though. And it also depends on your game style and thumbs skills.

    If you take goalies for exemple, some people value height a lot more than the attributes. That’s why Bishop is one of the most used goalies. He blocks more net because of his size and because he’s a little slow (lower attribute), he doesn’t move fast so it helps a little with the short side wristers cheese goals, but not with the one timers. He also have a pretty bad blocker, if your shoot between his pad and blocker, it almost goes in every time. Higher overall goalies are faster in general, which help with some of the one timers and rebounds. Sometimes, they try to much and makes it worst. So at the end of the day, it depends on how you play defense and what is your weakness, then you choose the one that helps the most. (The low attributes slider still applies here, so the difference are not very big again, but there are some.)
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