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85 Gretzky/84 Kurri set

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edited December 2019
Do you get both or do you choose one or the other?


  • You get both.
  • Thought so. The slash punctuation means "or" in standard English so it's not surprising with EA NHL it means "and."
  • boumbidiboum
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    edited December 2019
    Yes, I agree it can be confusing. I was 90% sure that it was both before completing the set, just because the event is called Dynamic Duos, would have been weird if it was not. I’ve not tried Kurri (not one my favourite players), but the Gretzky is pretty good, really close to the 91. You feel a difference, but pretty good alternative for people that don’t want to spend 12 icon collectibles.
  • I took this set with my leftovers after the sad Premium pack. I don't know if I ever use them but they might help unlock a synergy down the road.
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