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Noteworthy Upgrades to HUT for NHL 21!?

I wanted to drop a line and provide feedback on some notable upgrades I feel could improve the visual game experience and menu options:

1. Bring Back Arena's with ice logo's - When playing champs, rivals, or battles, the home ice is not authentic and every ice is virtually the same. It would be great to bring bag the authenticity of every arena and its on ice uniqueness. Additionally, how great would it be to bring back historic arenas such as Maple Leaf Gardens, The Montreal Forum, The Boston Garden, The LA Forum, Edmonton North lands coliseum, and Nassau on long island just to name a few! What about even adding AHL and minor league arena's to HUT?!

2. Jerseys - How about adding historic all star jerseys with the years. The 1980's jerseys are unreal and would be a great addition to the game. There's also may NHL jersey's that could be added like the 1995 NY Islander Fisherman logo that everyone in long island hated or the gold Bruins Bear Jersey.

3. Menu's - I feel this is one of the biggest opportunities in HUT 20, the menus are lacking a number of card upgrade possibilities. Team upgrades are needed. Team master icon's where have you gone? We need more team builder options that allow for packs and master players.

Would love for a EA community member to provide feedback and insight as well!
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