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Why is this game so inconsistent?



  • I knew you weren’t done checking the forums! LOL. I’m still looking for my first “fairness adjustment” in my favor. Or against me. So according to your logic if a great shooter takes a weak shot from a bad angle it should still go in if the goalie is low rated. Or something like that[/quote]

    No you are imaging scenarios I'm not discussing.

    According to my logic the tuning is out to lunch and players do not consistently behave according to their posted statistics and the game is so broken in this regard it's no longer worth playing.

    The developer clearly laid this out with his politition style explanation of the dynamics of shooting vs saving.

    To answer your question weak shot bad angle should be quite random but great players are rarely in a weak position and a weak angle. That's kinda the foundation of statistics.
  • @NHLDev

    Everyone understands the game design is sim and some randomness and presentation is fantastic and people quit easy so fairness needs to be there too. The longstanding players ie loyal customers, of this game for years have been complaining of all the stats being out

    Could you please explain why the game cannot be subdivided into (for example) a bronze player only, silver player only, gold player only and remove all the fairness compensations so that all the " other context decisions" do not make the players abilities play out counter intuitive to their nature for the sake of fairness.

    You have actually already done this with the "slick silvers" season at the beginning of the year why not build off that and make a bronze and gold only cards leagues as well and make them permanent, not seasons. I would actually envision this fixing all the games/forums complaints and deficiencies:

    1- all cards in a pack would be usable cards instead of discarding to build sets
    2- fairness would be addressed: play the league you have cards and skill to and work your way up from bronze league to gold league or just enjoy the gameplay differences.
    3- no context decisions making stats lack integrity. Players will act as they should.
    4- I envision league play styles would be different and offer new excitement to the game.
    5- game tuning would not be nearly as difficult for your maintenance. If anything each league could have differing contextual decisions and make the gameplay much more accurate in presentation.

    You have already tested this with slick silvers seasons so it's clearly doable and should be easily to compartmentalize your game just a bit more.

    I don't see any problems with this idea could you please explain why the game can't take this route? This seems like a very easy uncostly fix to this game that would require minimal developmental adjustments.
  • inupiaq-x1 wrote: »
    The game, the nerfing, all of it is so ridiculous.
    It is literally sickening to spend money and time to try and build a team with 'skilled' players to have no kind of benefit whatsoever.
    That's why I have a 2nd team of gooners. I find it more fun just to play online and go out and rail people and their precious 90 OVR players. yeah you don't win on the scoreboard and play shorthanded most of the time, but the hate messages after the games are well worth it. Playing a game of defend the glitch goals gets old fast.
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