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Can't Use the BUY NOW feature on Auction House.

I can't use the buy now feature on the auction house and the "support" team has been completely helpless with my issue. I believe it is due to "Negative Escrow" based on what others have told me. This is the code that pops up when I try to buy an item B7DD78AF2E5CF670-0000000000009999-4E815F564128F6BB. One of the "support" agents told me he doesn't know how to fix this issue and I would have better luck making a forum post... thanks


  • EA_Blueberry
    4770 posts EA Community Manager

    Can you send me a private message with the case number so we can pass that along to our quality team for training purposes?

    Please contact our EA Help team on Twitter or try re-contacting our Live-Support team and request to have a specialist that knows how to address negative escrow issues. I'm sorry you were referred to the forums and denied by our Support staff. We will want to look into that.
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