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Goalie covers

It’s been 3 months now. Is the goalie not being able to cover the puck ever going to be fixed?


  • Like I've said before I think it's intensionally done that they can't cover the puck ,to create more goals ...tell me I'm wrong EA because like the OP wrote it's been 3 months ,just like the AI stepping up for no reason and also abandoning the back door
  • Well, before the launch of the game, EA stated the goalies would adapt and have some sort of awareness during a game. Those of us who play online have probably played that one game or so, where your opponent did the one handed tuck with the same player for the fifth straight time, and your goalie is always fooled. I call bah-humbug on that deal.
  • Lol EA lied about the Goalie threat analysis I mean a puck right in front of the Goalie isn't a threat ,as for the one handed tuck it's way OP another annoying thing about this game that EA won't fix
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