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This just don't make sense to me!!

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Litterally my 92 overall burns mishandled the puck, edrdydmyvbuv.jpg

Then my 91 overall mcdavid has body position and stick position to turn it around for a breakoutuojcqm03ascz.jpg

........but then for no reason and defying all logic, the guy, with his stick litterally in the stands, warping threw the boards, way out of position, magiclly beats 3 of my 91+ overall guys and the puck magnifys to his stick, while its still in the stands km8cb08o51fv.jpg

Like wth, I've done everything possible to "play better" and the guys who stick is in the 4th row in the stands comes up with the puck and scores the game winning goal!

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    Like always, it is hard to see what happens in the pictures. In the first picture, the away player (your opponent if I am not wrong) is perfectly placed for a poke or stick lift. Did he pressed any buttons, that I don’t know from the picture, but if he did, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took the puck from you just from his positioning. What you could have done would have been to move the puck away from the player (using the right analog stick toward the left) and then go slightly back and turn toward the center to pass or just carry the puck yourself toward the middle of the ice. That’s just one idea, what I would have tried to do seeing that the path beside the board was blocked by the player.

    For the stick through the board, it is that way to make the game more fluid. When you play offline, you can modify the Board Effect slider so that as soon as your stick touches the board, the puck gets loose. It is indeed more realistic that way, but make it way harder to control the puck near the boards since if you hit it just slightly, you loose the puck. Does the slider need adjustment (online)? Maybe. On your pictures though, the away players sticks seems closer to the puck than your, even though it is through the ice and then, in the board. I don’t know what you tried to do, but you seems pretty well positioned for a stick lift or maybe if you tried to hit the player with the puck, it would have come loose and you would have grabbed it. Hard to say from the pictures.

    I personally think that if your stick hits the board to hard or goes through it, you should loose the puck. But I love realism and like it when it is harder to play. I don’t think that most people do though... That’s why it is that way.
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  • Not that what happened here is right but people need to stop with the complaining when occasionally a stick goes into the ice or a wall. I mean no video game has perfect physics, clipping, collision detection, animations for ever single second of what's happening, etc...

    Now if they reach through an object, like the net and grab the puck from you like a magnet ok complain. But even then move on unless it's something that happens so the time.

    But I do agree there's likely no way they should get that puck

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