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Busy Servers and it’s like fight never happened...

This has happened to me close to a dozen times now over past two days after wins and some losses. Right after the end of the fight a Message box pops up reading “Unable to enter Ultimate Team due to servers being busy. Please try again later.” Then I get taken all the way out of UT. No progress towards dailies and no fight on my record.


  • I know :)
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    That sounds very frustrating. Which platform are you playing on and have you tried anything from your end in attempt to fix it, like connection troubleshooting or a power cycle with your console? Sometimes it might be just a simple hiccup in the connection that can be worked out by rebooting the local network so you get a fresh connection to the servers.

    We want to make sure you don't lose any progress and rewards. Our EA Help and Live-Support teams are always available to look into this with you too.
  • Playing on PS4 and yeah tried all of those and talked to a couple others that were having the same issue. Yeah I definitely lost out on some rewards already because I couldn’t complete any dailies because it would give me that error once the fight was over. No stats or fight completions were counted Towards Dailies or record. Im assuming it did the same thing to my opponent because atleast once it rematched us Immediately after the fight with that error
  • I have the same problem with my other friends
  • I have had the same problem same with all of my friends
  • Same thing happening to me. Every time I get a win coincidentally. Losses seem to be registering just fine. 😑
  • PLS fix
  • When the end of the season rewards are at the beginning screen it wont work if u close the app and start it up and its gone it will work
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hmm....okay. That's strange.

    Can you all let us know of the following info below. If you don't want to share your Gamertag/PSN ID publicly feel free to private message me the info.
    • Gamertag/PSN ID
    • Platform you play on
    • Mode it is happening in
    • Fighter(s) used
    • Time it happened (date/timestamp/timezone)
    • Do you still get this after rebooting your network/console (Y/N)
    • Are you on WiFi or a wired connection

  • Hraji na Ps4
    Ulitimate team
    All day
    wired connection
  • Happened about 6 times now. Rebooted practically everything in the house. Definitely a server issue.
  • Had it happen 11 times in two days or it would disconnect me right when it hits 99% and I get a dnf
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