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Season Mode Significant Trade Glitch

Apologies if this has already been posted, but I don't visit these forums on a regular basis.

Each year, I play a Season Mode where I control all 31 teams, and keep rosters accurate and up to date. Recently, I've come upon a major glitch, when trading players particularly on the minor league affiliates.

Let's say I'm completing a recent trade that sent Haggerty from the Penguins AHL team to the Panthers AHL team for Roy. Quick visit to Player Movement, and done deal. Except, there's one big problem: when I return to play/sim more games, each of these NHL teams have every player on the roster scratched. There are 0/18 players dressed, and 0/2 goalies dressed. Since I like to keep the lines fairly realistic, even the Best Lines option (although it works) is not a great fix for this unexpected glitch.

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.


  • I noticed that as well when I made a roster move. At the moment my game seems to freeze up when I make the Taylor Hall trade. Ive noticed so many issues with this seasons game its been extremely frustrating
  • Bumping this, as not being able to make transactions in Season mode seems like a noteworthy issue that should be addressed.
    Any responses with knowledge of a pending fix (or other helpful suggestions) would be appreciated.
  • Found any solution?
  • SahioX
    101 posts Member
    Found any solution?

    Being Cynical, I'd say the patch will be released in September 2021 :p
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