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66 years old and having a blast for the first time in HUT



  • smokin666 wrote: »
    You mean you’re 56 not 66, right?
    I thought I was the oldest member of the community at 53.

    You thought wrong....it's 66. 1953 was when I popped out :D
    Still just a big kid at heart

    Now we are talkin... 57 here and loving it..
    We should be known as the " senior division" ..🏒🏒🏒😏

    Maybe add a senior only division

    Huff and Puff, Heavy on the Puff. Soon to be 47 here. If you guys play EASHL I am looking to get together with some Mature individuals. I haven't tried EASHL yet but I have loved playing it in past years.
  • This is funny because I'm 48 and thought I was a fossil in this game lol. Good to know there's still other that are seasoned that enjoy the game....although I've been playing for years and as long as it's below 90 I can normally win superstar but still lose some and have been getting to diamond weekly on rivals.
  • smuzy06 wrote: »
    This is funny because I'm 48 and thought I was a fossil in this game lol.

    I'm 45 and thought the same. I've played for years. I used to play a lot of EASHL drop-ins (not so much anymore) and only once did I run into someone with a mic who was older than me, and he was only a year older. It's nice to see there are some of us middle-aged and beyond folks still enjoying the game, especially considering how much EA has been trying to cater to a younger audience and drive us away.
  • 63 for me love Squad battles and if anyone wants to put a senior Eashl team together i’m in. Like beer league hockey’s we will probably have to get a 20 yr old to play goal.LOL
  • YZ19
    171 posts Member
    43 here, Still remember going down to the video store to rent the Sega to play nhl 92... oh the late fee's...good times
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