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  • The games that are more exciting to play are the close scoring games ,but EA makes the goalies like Swiss cheese so all the elite players can score the same goal over and over again
  • Stop the toe drag slot shot. That’ll cut out 50% of the cake goals
  • I agree with these guys that the weak and "cheez" goals need to be cut down.

    One particular goal that drives me nuts is this one: I knock the puck loose from the puck carrier, he regains control immediately and simultaneously fires a perfect wrister to the far post for a goal. I understand that puck pickups have been improved, so I get that that means a puck carrier can regain control quickly sometimes, but his shot accuracy and power should be much lower if he's shooting within a millisecond of recovering control of the puck.
  • Again gives us two tuners one for the elite who want an arcade type of hockey and another who want a little more realistic game ...
  • Yeah high scoring games are fun, but a 14 goal period is not realistic. That’s not even all star game realistic. The goals weren’t even of great quality on both sides.

    Too often, you don’t have to earn goals in this game and especially in the 3rd period when goals seem to go in alot easier in every single game. The last 5 minutes always turns into easy shots turning into goals.

    Honestly, I’d rather the goalies be better IMO. Make it a challenge to score. It’s 2020 and the goalies haven’t figured out how to stop a cross crease pass in their own paint. That’s bad.

    That, plus better defensive AI is needed.
  • Also, I’d love a tournament I can play mid week. Right now I mainly do rivals and nothing annoys me more than having to play shootouts. I’d rather finish a game in a continuous OT 100% of the time

  • If I may ask all of you here a question, do you want scoring chances to become more difficult so games are more lower scoring? [/quote]

    This question should not be asked in a forum with such a limited bias in responses possibly being used as feedback for development. I find this a huge problem. The game is supposed to be based on both physics and strategies and so if properly tuned the scores should naturally form statistical deviations. Artificially manipulating to get higher or lower scoring is exactly the mess that this game has become trying to make user defined plays become something not meant to be and vice versa. It's the constant complaint of this forum. Make the strategies mean something. Somehow the game tuning tries to mimic NHL results but the discrepancy is that in real life, players make mistakes and play tighter or riskier and that's how strange results happen. If you look through history and do a huge survey it'd be very unlikely you see huge deviations in scoring game to game like this game plays out. Let's take Toronto as an example they fired their tight checking and now are going all out offence and trying to outscore solely as their strategy. You can expect their games at the start of the year to be low scoring tight and now high scoring loose. The key point I'm trying to make is it's their strategy in real life that's leading to their scores. Itd be a mistake to try to replicate these results into a sim as random, because it isn't. It's based largely off strategy. You won't see these blowout games as frequent with a defensive team like St. Louis or an anemic team like Detroit. You will see it from a team like Carolina and Dallas teams who can score at will if they want to sacrifice defense. If these teams have low scoring games like 2-0 it's likely the fact that they have decided not to play all guns blazing as they determine the other team may have better outrunning skills. So this is strategy. You have to let the player strategies have meaning and let the user skill play out. Should lesser players adjust their strategies poorly to counter good players let them get owned. This is the worse part of the game, tuning towards a perception. I think the design influence is beyond off.

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