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"Allstar" Pack -- what a joke



  • xBr_ssM_gnetx
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    We all want to hit for 1 million on a scratch off but we don’t. Buying the packs is the same although your odds are sightly better at hitting a pack than the lottery.

    If everyone hit on those packs, the market would be awful
    Because everyone would have all the best players for cheap.

    Sorry you lost on your pack.

    I don't disagree. However perhaps we shouldn't be naming/advertising a pack fyll of 60 and 70 OVR players the "All-Star" pack. It's only going to tick people off and push them away. What good does that do?
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  • tunsbe wrote: »
    If you open lots of packs daily your chances to get a good player will drop. I opened friday that weekly pack and that 50k allstar choice pack, got asg Oshie(from choice pack), then didn't open any packs till monday and got asg McDavid on that same pack.
    Not the first time when i don't open packs in couple of days and then got something good.

    Not how probability works. This is called the gambler's fallacy. Unless you are suggesting that the odds are rigged.
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