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Biggest cheater in the game

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This guy admits that he quits out of any match that he is losing... He is able to quit without taking a loss... It's like the fight never happened when he quits.
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  • He does the same thing with me. I destroy him each time we fight, he fights cheesy and cheats.
  • @EA_Blueberry can anything be done about these cheaters???
  • Shwame83
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    Nothing but a bunch of bums all these guys who NAT test quit so they don’t take L’s. The leaderboards are ran by these guys it’s an absolute joke...

    Please do something to address this trash in the next game EA
  • I don't really understand why just don't give a actual win to a player when opponent leaves. No matter why. If you don't have descent internet connection just don't paly online. And it will address an issue with such cheaters.
  • It’s not that their internet sucks at all, they deliberately run a nat test or something like that in the settings which causes the game to act as if the fight never happened. Guys do it all the time after you destroy them, you still get a W if guys just quit on you from the game options, these nerds are straight up cheating.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    I removed the image because naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums. Please report abusive players and/or suspected cheaters via this method so those that handle these reports can review those accounts: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/faq/report-players-for-cheating-abuse-and-harassment/

    Forum Rules: https://forums.ea.com/en/ufc/discussion/129146/ea-forums-guidelines-rules

    Thanks for looking out though, I've received some post-game messages before for all sorts of games and generally just ignore them or give them a good ole' GG in response.

    As for Xbox I know you can report the messages which can actually suspend them from using party chat and messaging all together. Make sure you report abusive messages to Xbox/PlayStation as well.
  • So how are you guys addressing NAT test quitting in UFC 4???
  • No - EA - listen up - how about you guys do something about it instead of redirecting like you do for every single issue on this forum 'oh its not our fault'...yeah it kind of is, it's your servers, and people are exploiting the game which effects the leaderboards again on your servers and this is manipulation of a competetive online game - which should be a bannable offense.

    Let me guess you gonna recommend the useless twitter support team again which is inactive and does nothing? as of now, none of you at EA act like you give a crap about this game, hasn't been roster updates in over a year, hasn't been gameplay updates in over a year - the game seems abandoned, but yet you all expect people to keep shelling out money for your overpriced packs since thats the only 'content' being added is packs that purposely rip people off.

    So is EA actually going to do anything? At least pass the word along to someone that can do something if you messageboard mods are just that? - or did they really give up on this game and we're not going to see anymore actual fixes, updates, or content because you want us to just buy the next game again and start the whole ripoff cycle over, is something going to be done?

    What upsets most people - is it wouldn't have taken much effort to keep the game updated even til now with just basic stuff (roster, W/L records, bug/online fixes) yet every week I get the message that there is a 'new roster update' on the main screen - but no new fighters are added, I doubt the records even get adjusted anymore...so what are these updates...oh right, adding more packs to the UT store that you want people to buy...
  • Your complaints go to die where they direct you to go otherwise all of these scumbag cheaters would’ve been dealt with by now because everyone knows who they are and lots of people are trying to get something done about it. EA doesn’t care....... you protect them more than anything
  • thanks for looking out for the ones not cheating ea! We have every right to call out a cheater! We use no real name, no real information. You are censoring our speech to protect cheaters. Great to know!
  • HumanCalculator9
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    Missionrelic. This is not an actual gamer tag as far as I’m aware of and if it is then it’s not the cheater in question... but missionrelic.....
  • EA_Blueberry
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    EA is taking a large stance on combating in-game bullying and toxic behavior in our games. More about it can be read here.

    I know there are certain players in games that can be annoying to come across and we've implemented tools to help players report them to our teams for review. The more reports the better, so please continue to report them through the proper methods so the teams in charge of reviewing these reports can take a look into them.

    That doesn't mean it stops here and there is always more work to be done in building better tools for players moving forward. We know this is a concern for many gaming communities which is why I wanted to link that article above in my response for you to check out. We're taking reports like this very seriously. You may ask why you still see the same player in game and perhaps they may have received account actions such as warnings or suspensions thus far, however we can't discuss what actions have been taken on accounts. I'm sure you respect that decision as it's for the sake of your own privacy as well.

    I know reporting them to us here is all out of good intentions, but our forum staff does not handle these requests nor does it contribute to any healthy discussions. It is against the forum rules. Our primarily goals here as forum Community Managers is to make sure we relay feedback to the team on what you're discussing, engage with you in your topics, report bugs, and technical issues. We have other teams trained and dedicated in taking actions on accounts violating the Terms of use.

    Feel free to discuss any thoughts, feedback, and ways to improve the reporting system overall. In the event this discussion turns to reporting others for suspected cheating I'll be forced to close down the thread.
  • I don’t think they’re trying to report his behavior in these messages. I’m sure everyone’s concern here was over the Users ability to quit the match right before he would lose and not receive the lose because they are using a method which cheats the system.
  • I can live with cheesy exploity moves and strategies as lame as they are, but if EA cleans up the Nat test quitting without taking a loss issue then you get nothing but respect from me, at least these guys won’t be able to stay on top of the leaderboards with fake cheater records. It’s super annoying because these guys are already good enough to to in the top 100 but with the ability to nat test quit and not take a L then guys who try to play the game honestly like me don’t stand a chance and it makes playing online really pointless.
  • I really don’t care about trash talking and getting people banned for swearing, imo the world has gone too snowflake, you can’t even swear at all in a text without a warning, is it really even legal to be giving out bans just for bad words? Back in the PS2 Xbox days there was no reporting annoying kids who won’t stop calling you names, you either ignored or blocked them.

    This is all about NAT TEST QUITTERS, fix that issue so a nat quit gives an L the same as just quitting from the menus and your game will be alot more legit
  • ^ [Insert Morgan Freeman’s he’s right you know meme]
  • Wrong venue for those complaints. How hard it is to understand it?

    So... How about em Lunar Packs? Have you guys pulled anything good? How about them money prizes in them? Has ANYONE caught one yet?
  • HumanCalculator9
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    edited January 2020
    The correct venue for those complaints do nothing about it. Regardless, this seems more like a callout followed by a discussion than anything. You don’t have to come to EA’s defense every chance you get. They’re a big company, they can take care of themselves man....
  • Does the nat test quit thing happen on PS4 too or is this an Xbox only issue?
  • Lol they avoid the NAT TEST QUITTING CHEATER stuff like the plague and post this same ole anti bullying completely unrelated to what the topics are about drivel. I’m just gonna assume that most of the guys cheating like this are part of the dev team or something....... why else avoid the topic so hard and close and delete every thread asking about it?

    Like what kinda dork do you have to be to even know how to and Even want to cheat at a videogame In such a lame way?
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