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Nat test quitters.............

What is EA doing to address the cancer of this game NAT test quitters in EA UFC 4?

Your whole ranked and UT leaderboards are ran by the guys who nat test quit the most when they lose, nothing but padded fake records and nerds who can’t handle losing so they have to find a way to cheat so they don’t lose.

Stop ignoring the biggest exploits in your game and try to fix them. Do you even care about game ratings???

All I see is you guys deleting threads and same ole “you can report here where your attempts to report cheaters go to die”


  • Vojga18
    1 posts New member
    Hi, why there is no punishment for quitters in ufc 3 who leave the game when they are tapping befor the figght is over. so they ruining my submission series. will be punishment for this cheater? thanks in advance - best regards
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