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Subbing out of position

I changed John Carson from a Rd to LD, and when I looked at my other lines like Power Play, Short-Handed, 3 Man Overtime, etc, the line ups were weird. All defenseman for the #1 Power Play & other weird configurations. Is that what happens when you move them out of position? I had to go in and edit all of my lines to make them configured correctly.


  • Carlson.
  • It has nothing to do with the side that you put it in. You can edit all the PP, PK and OT lines as you want. Once they are change. If you change one of the players (on your main defensive or offensive lines, two first pages), the new player will take all the same PP, PK and OT spot that the previous player was on.

    For exemple, I have Ovechkin as my fourth line LW. He is also on LD on my first PP unit. If I replace him with any other player, the new player will take his spot on the first PP unit. If you move him from the fourth line to the first (Ovechkin), he won’t lose his PP spot. When you will substitute him for another player, the same thing will happens (the new player take all the same positions that the previous was playing).

    I don’t know if it make sense to you how I explained it. At the end, transfering players from left to right or from one line to the other doesn’t modify the PP, PK and OT lines. Substituting them will give all theirs extra PP, PK and OT units spots to the new player.
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