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Need another Patrick Kane card...

Why release another Patrick Kane 92 card? There was already a 92 Prime time and 92 Team of the week, plus his All Star Card got bumped to 91, then he also has 2 at 90, so now 6 different Kane cards rated from 90-92 for one player... Lol what a waste.


  • boumbidiboum
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    edited January 2020
    And he have a 95 overall too, the winternational card.
  • The oversaturation of player items is one reason I was upset with Team of the Year the event before the All-star. ToY is an end of season event.

    It would have been much, MUCH better to give us a European event with focus on Champions League. The Semis ran on the 7th & 14th and would have been a great bridge from the Winternational (which ran 2 weeks too long) to the All-star game. The final is next week but it is a one and done and an opportunity lost. EA said there was going to be more international flair in 20 and they've had some cool Master items but to ignore the Champions League is a shame.

    I still think the best way for EA to go with the multiple player items is to allow us to upgrade to keep current. It will drive pack sales for the collectable or players to roll in sets for the collectable. I can't find a down side to it.
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