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Ideas ea could use to improve the gameplay in UFC 3

Some of the biggest problems are the clinch spam knee spam and takedown and submission spams a few fixes I thought of are having takedown and submission attempts consume alot more stamina so they are forced to time them better and bigger break window for submission escapes. There could be a delay for the body knees from standing and an absolutely HUGE thing they need to do for all of us is a stand and bang mode for ultamate team. As for the clinch spam I'm not sure on a solution for that as it is a problem but has to be a part of the game so maybe we just gotta deal with the clinch but the rest of the stuff could deffinatly be done or at least improved in some other way


  • I mean you can time you're block in the clinch but idk if anyone else has a reasonable idea post a comment I like playing this game but it needs some huge improvements. Ultamate team is my favorite thing to do in this game but I think we all would love a stand and bang mode in ultamate team it would bring so many people back to the game.
  • @SkynetUFC if you could or if its possible for you I started this thread because I want to play this game and have a few reasonable fixes or improvements that I believe could be huge for this game like battlefront 2 improving so much I think something simple like introducing a stand and bang mode in ultamate team ranked mathces could be huge for UFC 3 UFC videos would get tons of views on how ufc3 just got a whole lot better just by adding stand and bang mode to ultamate team. Also maybe making where you can get daily tokens for 2,500 coins or something idk if it's a big or what but I haven't been getting daily tokens and haven't been able to figure out what starter tokens are for.
  • @EA_David hey UFC ultamate team won't let me play I'm ranked 1 in division e won't find opponent
  • Everyone in my division just grappled you it's no skill it's game breaking **** and this game is trash for it. Add a stand and bang mode if you want people to play and buy you're micro transactions no one's buying so they can get beat by Dana white with no skill once so ever and I'm a purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu this game sucks add a stand and bang mode to ranked ultamate team or this game is trash and no one will play it you know it's not a popular game fix it.add stand and bang mode to ultamate team.
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    dylanDC97 wrote: »
    @EA_David hey UFC ultamate team won't let me play I'm ranked 1 in division e won't find opponent

    Are you still having some trouble for matchmaking - which platform are you on?
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