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Make the game play the same for both teams



  • Swee9LoU84 wrote: »
    EA_Aljo wrote: »
    Nevermind what I wrote just do what the title says

    The game already plays the same for both sides. The skill of the humans holding the controllers, the overalls of the players on the ice and the strategies you use are what determines the outcome of games.

    If that's the company line you have to spew out, I feel sorry for you. The game does NOT play the same for both teams. So try this that I did...

    I used the goalie, player locked. My ai players skated around like they had no idea what they were doing. The guy vs me, he had no idea what he was doing and was a complete tool with the controller yet EVERY time the puck was in a battle with my AIs, they walked away from it. Another game, playing vs a friend, player locked in a friendly HUT match, we had the EXACT same line up, EXACT same goalies, EXACT same strategies and both player locked as goalie. In this game, my AI were outstanding, winning almost every battle while his skated around like it didn't have a clue. This is so typical in every game.

    This game isn't fun, this game is a mess. Even when I win in the game, I have to fight my players to try to get the puck in the zone because my guys feel the need to get over the blue line before I do. If I do get a good chance in front, my idiotic forwards who are battling for position (lol, no they aren't, they just stand there taking up space) block at least 30% of the shots from the point. The AI in this game is awful and for people to come on here linked with this company saying that it's always the same and blame the user is laughable and no wonder this game hasn't and will never improve.

    While this is a funny thing. Theres no real evidence that proves it besides, your opinion on how they played. The exact same players or i guess team and you guys on goalie lock still doesnt mean the same guys are on the ice for both teams, or in puck battles your same guy is there. Its all situational. On top of that it is coding for the CPU, which has most of them doing the same thing with a couple options like every game.

    This is why most people stop playing VS/HUT and make the switch to 6s or even 3s with no CPUs on the ice. As a 6s player like i know you use to be, i dont know how you can enjoy playing VS/HUT with how dumb CPUs are or how they dont "adjust" to opposing teams tendencies. CPU Gs have allowed roughly the same goals for years, as they should be theyre high scoring chances or areas and you have to defend them but its rattling. Then you have CPU teammates who give awful puck support or line change randomly in the worst times possible (in their o zone, youre cyclying and you throw it back to your dman and he goes to the bench lol like what) Not to mention to fwds not cutting to certain spots or always doing the same 2/3 things. Then on D you have Dmen leaving a back door guy to slide over short side. No on in their right mind would ever just leave the backdoor guy like that, it doesnt make any sense, but its happened forever. Then when the other team is rushing 2 on 2 and you switch to the guy to take the puck and the CPU who has back door is backskating and just stops and the guy throws a cross crease behind him, so instead of you pressuring the puck, the game wants you to take the pass yourself, which is a weird play

    1v1 is a lot of capitalizing on chances and who can exploit the CPU more or whos CPU makes less mistakes, which is why people started to skill zone and just stand on that middle guy, so the middle never really opens up bc that is how most in zone goals are scored.

    In short, just play 3s and 6s, but you have every right to complain about the CPUs as 1v1 is fun and something to do from time to time when youre by yourself. I still dont know if you can say the CPU needs to play the same for both teams. No one plays the same in every game in real life either. As far as goalie locking to prove it thats jsut CPUs playing together, when youre use the guys, you can use your CPUs or the guy you take over to influence or position how the others play in a sense. However, if you dont like it, just dont play it.

    It's easy to say "play 6s" when you're as connected as you are. It's easy for you to find games through your ability and being in LG for a while. Most people that play this game don't have the luxury of having over 12 guys that actively want to play with you at a given time.
  • NHLDev wrote: »
    I always just suggest going to full sim and tuning from there to your liking. I haven't taken the time lately to go in and do that. If I do, maybe we will make some adjustments to Full Sim but I think it is a decent out of the box experience with room for people to tune depending on the period lengths they want and how things play for them personally. Full Sim on 7 or 8 minutes and a few tweaks here or there should be pretty good for a lot of people looking for sim.

    Speaking of sim, any chance we see board friction in EASHL somewhere down the line?

    What are you looking for from increased friction?[/quote]

    What I am mostly looking for is the capability of rubbing someone out along the boards. Normally if you try to wiggle your way past a defender the boards will hinder your speed whether you like it or not. As it is, the boards are just a perimeter delimitation and has no friction therefore they don't slow you down in the least.

    I am not saying I want puck possession or to murder the carrier. He can get by me fine with possession, but I would want to at least slow him down if he does squeak by.
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