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help to understand hut silver icons to gold icons conversions

just curious on a great many aspects of the silver icons to gold upgrades, ie 85 silver to 94 gold etc. would love to hear the devs explanation to the following questions in regards to this.

1) why have all of the 85 silvers not yet been completed for upgrades? still 3 left.
2) why even bother with the upgrades at all considering the 85,86, and now 87 silver icons will be pointless to upgrade considering the amount of 95, 96 97 cards on the market now? and there are enough to make almost 2 full teams.
3) the icon players should always be ahead of the current player pool, they are icons after all, Crosby, and ovi are not ( yet) so why are we still waiting for these players? some of us have built icon teams and are now being jilted.
4) why would I upgrade an 86 icon to a 95 for 15 icon collectables when the 85 icon to 94 is only 12? I am a little behind on the new math, but is this not a 9 point jump from 86 to 95, as 85 to 94? i'll get my abacus.

by now we should have already been able to upgrade all the way up to the 89's, and THERE STILL IS NO GRETZKY UPGRADE.

bad for consumers, and bad for business.

you seen for the second year in a row now to not know how to handle the icon portion of this series, and I will not make this mistake next year of investing in them, ( if I even purchase this title again), so the fifth and final question would be.....why even bother with the icons at all?


  • so no answer?

    I see the 85's are 12 icons, and that the 86's are 14 not 15, so...

    87's - 16 icons
    88's - 18 icons
    89's - 20 icons
    90's - 22 icons
    91's - 25 icons

    if the math is continuous.
    but we already paid, in increments, at the beginning to get these cards. do you really think I am going to dip into my wallet to do 22 icons for moose? or 25 for gretzky? Lemieux would be now what 20 from the 95? who in their right mind would pay this, and so late into the game year.

    this is just bad. period
  • RidgviewRainbow
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    edited February 2020
    It's all just a rip-off, designed to try to make EA as much money as possible without any regard to their customers. This is why EA is so despised.
    See the Trade Deadline deal for an 86 Jean-Sebastien Giguere? For only TEN gold collectibles, you can make him an 88.
  • I think it is 10 gold players for giggy, but you may be correct.'

    this is dumb on ea's part even for greed purposes. I would be more inclined to open packs for collectibles for 12 icons rather than 15, especially if I knew it were consistant, and given the fact that I already grinded on the from side to already pay more for the higher value cards in the first place

    now I will not even bother. I have 18 icon players, who will go into the reclaim bins ( including gretzky ), and the icons I already have, have been converted to golds for rebuilding purposes.
  • You are right, it's ten gold players.
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