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Auto-sauce has got to go!

This is literally one of the silliest ideas that's come out in this series, the game automatically deciding whether to saucer the pass without you making the decision to. Not only does it kill skill gap significantly, it also gives less control in certain situations of where you would prefer a hard pass over a lighter one.

It wasn't so bad when the defense would automatically pick off every pass but now there's situations where you can defend a play perfectly but because the game gifted a free one time opportunity because a pass was decided to be the most perfect pass in the world, they now have a free goal.

This garbage has to go. It's dumb, annoying and has no place in this game when we manually have a button to do this ourselves.

At the very least you could increase the passing attribute necessary to do it automatically for you. Playing a game of VS it seems every player on the ice throws out saucer passes. Guys who are horrendous playmakers in the league look like Henrik Sedin out there. Let's stop with this nonsense.
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