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EA should make 2 different versions or just leave out whole thing of buying packs in HUT

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Yes, it doesn't make any sense for EA to do such a thing as long as its their main way of income. But making new game each year with full price and then having "pay to win" option in the games most popular play mode is just idiotic.

I'm not putting any money to it but i know a lot of people is and it is like gambling for them which a lot people have addictions to.

Would be nice to know if anyone else has any ideas or opinions about it.


  • You don’t have to pay to have a competitive team, just play squad battles and rivals to get free packs every week, I haven’t put more than $100 into hut in the last three years and always have a team of 95-99 at the end. I didn’t get nhl 20 till the beginning of Jan this year and already have a team of 88-92 forwards and 3, 90 dmen 3, 87 dmen, goalies 91 and 90. The only cash this year was $50 I won on a scratch ticket.
  • I didn't get the game until Black Friday this year... I already have a 92 OVR team without spending a dime on packs.
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