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Make EASHL Playoffs Great Again (NHL 21)

Its not news that the EASHL Playoffs have been dying off for the last few years... Here is what EA can do to make people play it again

1. Get rid of the HAS TO BE A CLUB MEMBER to playoff games
2. Need to have a trophy presentation where each player can skate with the trophy after winning the finals game,
3. Banner raising cut scene for the next regular season game your club plays at home
4. Make it so that teams and players can unlock special items for just doing the playoffs regardless of wining or not


  • 1. Nah, way less prestigious this way.
    2. Definitely
    3. Yup
    4. See #1
  • deadman9999
    875 posts Member
    edited March 2020
    TTZ_Dipsy wrote: »
    1. Nah, way less prestigious this way.
    2. Definitely
    3. Yup
    4. See #1

    sorry bro but the whole have to be a club member is the number one reason clubs dont do playoff games anymore because people are not gonna jump in and out of clubs just to join just for playoff games
  • TTZ_Dipsy
    456 posts Member
    edited March 2020
    Constantly changing when playoffs take place, reducing the amount days you're able to play, removing banner ceremonies, not being able to see any of the banners you've won, terrible matchmaking, stupid bugs like losing your beards half way through, and less than ideal start/stop times, among others, are why numbers are dwindling imo
  • Nah, This game is dying for 1 reason and 1 reason alone. As soon as they dumped the attribute system and card grinding the downward spiral started and continues to. The pre-builts suck!
  • MiIczar
    67 posts Member
    edited March 2020
    First of all, the playoffs once a week must back. I can't understand why on PS4/X1 playoffs are only once a month. It's only 9-10 opportunities a year to play PO. On PS3/X360 it was once a week (around 40 opportunities). And, as Deadman said, this trophy presentation after final game + banner rising before every season game at home and painted on ice "PLAYOFF CHAMPS", like it was on PS3/X360. Here's the video:
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