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More slider detail request

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Is it possible to get better descriptions of each slider? There is no consistency with your descriptions. At work now, but when I get home I can provide more detail. But off the top of my head, there is a slider that says "adjust control with and without the puck". So which is it? With it or without it? If I put it higher what happens? These descriptions need to be consistent with each slider. Specifically, what happens when the slider is higher or lower and how they affect the game play and ratings.

Example: Some sliders say "the higher the more likely this will happen" and other sliders are real general.

I went through all of the descriptions last night and can honestly say probably more than 50% were confusing.

One slider under Checking says the higher it is the more the player ratings take precedence. So, what other sliders can be adjusted (and how) to make it more player ratings based? Why is that the only slider player rating based? Starting sliders at 50 means the player ratings have already been affected, which in turn, starts to wash out the individual player skill.

Honestly, I next years version, I would like to see all sliders start at "0". 0 would equal player rating based. Raising them would add to the player ratings (like the mysterious attribute effect slider that we can't seem to figure out if 5 norm or not). Start every slider at 0....player ratings take priority and start from there.


Attribute Effects: Are we 100% that attribute effects at 5 is the "play to the player ratings"?
Player Acceleration: (Player acceleration with and without the puck) Shouldn't having the puck affect acceleration?

Skating Speed: (How high a top-end speed a player can reach) How does this affect a player though? So the higher means much faster or higher equals more player ratings based??

One Timer and Shot Accuracy: I'm assuming the higher the more accurate? Because it doesn't seem to be the case with the CPU. Even with Shot accuracy at 35, they still have pinpoint accuracy. And does it default to 50? Is that "player ratings" based?

Shot Accuracy vs Slap Shot accuracy: Shot accuracy says ability to hit the selected target. Slap shot is accuracy level. Is there a difference? Does one slider affect the HUM more or only pertain to the HUM? Especially since it mentions "selected target" as if the HUM is picking a target...

Pass Accuracy: (Adjusting this will affect how game circumstances and attributes of the player influence a successful pass.) So this one sounds confusing. If I increase the slider, does that mean the more the players attributes play a role? It reads as if we want player attributes to take priority, this should be at 100.

Reception Reaction Time: (How much reaction time effects a player's ability to puck up the puck...higher equals harder.) Shouldn't we set this at 100 to get a realistic result? If a player doesn't have enough time to react, they probably won't pick up the puck, right?

Puck Control Rating Effect: (How much puck control rating has an effect on picking the puck up. Higher equals puck control rating influence....) Again, some sliders mention the player ratings. If we want this to play to the player attributes, wouldn't it be 100? If Patrick Kane has great puck control, and for realism, why would I put this at 20 or even 50. Wouldn't that "wash out" the player rating?

Puck Control: How is the different from Puck Control Rating Effect? Don't these sliders basically cancel each other out?

Stumble Threshold and Fall and Stumble Fall Ease: Aren't these basically the player attribute 'balance'? Again, wouldn't these cancel each other out?

Aggression: Still unsure what 'aggression' means for this game. Aggressiveness being......?

Hitting Power: Definitely needs to be cranked down behind the scenes. Even at 35, player are knocked around like NHL Hitz. Does Aggression slider have an effect on this?

Checking/Balance/Rating Effect: Again, I feel like we have way too many sliders. This is probably the 3rd or 4th slider that has to do with balance in some way. How is this different from the other balance type sliders?

IMO: For next version, I think the sliders should start at 0. With 0 being based on the player attributes. On default, I feel this game cancels out the player ratings. Why have a pass accuracy slider if you have a passing attribute? Or a Slap Shot Power with a Slap Shot power slider? I think these things cancel each other and are giving us those unrealistic moments in this game. If I have a player with an 85 speed, but put the skating speed slider at 20....doesn't that technically lower the player attribute then, thereby, creating that unrealistic player separation (or lack thereof)?
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  • A lot of them make complete sense in my opinion. There's like 4 that maybe could use a better description.

    All of their sliders have a purpose, don't remove any because this guy can't understand them.

    Usually there's like 3 sliders that work in conjunction with each other to balance out the overall play of hitting, shooting, passing, puck control, etc. They may mess with each other but it's required to actually tune the game the way it needs to be tuned.

    You may want less puck control so the puck is more loose, so passes aren't always picked off when they're rockets, for dekes at high speeds to be lost, so you need the puck control slider, the deking sliders, the puck control speed slider, the puck reception ease slider, the puck reception on backhand slider, etc.

    It all works together. There's very few of them that are vague. I feel like I've figured it out. I don't think it's hard to figure out. Mess with them and you'll see tangible evidence of what they do. Don't be lazy.
  • Well, "this guy" has legitimate questions and is not being lazy. I've gone through them and experiencing different things. I also never said to remove sliders, but questioned their purpose. Dont be "that guy" who says things that aren't true. If you are all knowledgeable then please enlighten us on this topic in a constructive way.

    We all want to enjoy this game. Instead of saying this game is terrible or sucks I'm trying to enjoy it. If you can't provide constructive feedback then don't be "that guy".
  • has anyone noticed that the “puck carrier agility” and the vanilla “skater agility” descriptions use the same description? Obviously I know which one does what, but that scenario would be one where a new player could potentially be confused.

    On the slider note though, I’d love to see more granular sliders. One in particular I’d love to see is a goalie recovery slider as I really struggle to find a balance with the “goalie cross crease” slider. Too high = save everything, too low = any one-timer is going in.

    Now, I’d love to crank that initial cross crease speed slider up as NHL goalies are absolutely incredible at getting cross crease, but even they struggle one 2nd and 3rd shots when forced to make a recovery push and that’s why I struggle to find a good spot for the singular slider we have.

    I’m sure there’s other scenarios that I can’t think of right now, but that one in particular is where I think more granularity would really enhance the experience.
  • If I change the obvious sliders to try and help with the game the opposite happens. For example, when I change the settings to make it easier to pass why does the opposite happen even when I turn down the sliders? EA's settings mean nothing especially when everything works against you not to mention how I end up getting run over more then before by my own players as soon as I get the puck just to make sure I lose the posession. Or the passing getting even worse. I am definitely not buying another game from them until they really truly fix their overpriced product. I miss the old days when AAA companies were forced to take responsibility for releasing bad games.
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