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I’ve been playing the NHL series for quite a while and i love it so much, although this year has been the most frustrating out of all of them.

The fact that EA Sports mentions that there is major goalie improvements since last year is a joke and a false claim, I have my 91 Ovr. Frederik Anderson letting in awful goals, seems like that every goalie that I buy or use that’s 90+ Ovr. plays like a 75 Ovr.

Not only are the goalies bad but the AI in the game is brutal! The hockey sense is like they are in tyke, I was testing the other day letting my AI play the 2 on 1 (as the 1) and the guy decides to skate up the middle of the ice letting in an easy 2 on 0 which is 9 times out of 10 a goal.

I just want to see improvements to the AI, major improvements, I except much better from a multi million dollar company, I don’t deserve to be paying $79.99 for a game that plays like $4.99


  • I love the 100% puck retention by the ai. even if you are lucky enough to get the puck from them ( with out a penalty ) they instantaneously get the puck right back.

    I love when the ai bumps you, slowing your momentum and getting turn overs....but...when you bump, hit, launch a nuke at them, they just keep going as if nothing happened to them.

    I love the fact that goalies are crap...… I actually sold both my 90+ goalies and got a 64 with a 61 back up, AND THEY PLAY BETTER than the 2 90+ I got rid of. ?????? there is NOTHING DYNAMIC about the goalies in this game.... it is utterly killing this franchise right now.

    last 4 games on squad battles

    ai overall 93
    w 15 - 1 shots me 33 them 6

    ai overall 82
    w 9 -4 shots me 38 ai 8

    a1 overall 78
    w 13 - 8 shots me 28 ai 11

    ai overall 77
    w 12 -5 shots me 44 ai 9

    my defense ( on super mind you ) is FLAWLESS but the shots the cpu takes are stupid and go in EVERY time....so not only is perfect defence not rewarded but the goalie stats are crap at best. there is no realism to this...might as well change the name from nhl20 to nba 20.1...….come on guys this is garbage. it is bad enough that you need 5 goal margin, 20 shots to get max pts in squads....and this needs to go, if I win 250 - 0, or 1 - 0, I should get the same pts...this is you first mistake.

    this is now been consistent over the last 8 sb games ( I had the 4 hold over games from this morning ) so over the last 8 games the game play has been crap at best ( why I sold my goalies ). I should have the tougher games against the 90+ teams and demolishing the lower teams, but the game play is the other way around.

    the game play sucks

    the penalties are horrid, the cpu puck retention is horrid, the times when the cpu goes into " you cant touch me " mode....you know when it happens. can't hit, can't poke, can't lift, hell you can't even change to the right player involved in the play. the last one needs to be fixed pronto.....IT IS A MAJOR GAME FLAW.....I should not have to jump through hoops to get control of the player closest to the puck ( I even had an event where the cpu was coming 3 on 2 and the changer would only let me change to the 2 forwards that were still in the other zone. really????? )

    why do the players commin off the bench, on a line change, head up the ice for offence when the cpu is ENTERING YOUR ZONE.....if I call for my 3rd line ( all with 90+ def aware ) why are they rushing on attack when they can see the opposition is coming into our zone? ( do not give me bull patties about strats, stats, etc a 77oa team should NEVER out play a 93 oa team NEVER, and the stats on the cards SHOULD MEAN SOMETHING... geeze )

    our card values do NOT have any value, when lesser value teams run over yours.

    I am down sizing my team ( for better/ realistic game play ) I suggest the community follow suit...if you want better games ( I have an 81 rated squad also, get better games )

    if ea, and the mods, and the supporters do not or cannot admit there is an engine ( evidence is that it is ) then this game is completely, and utterly badly programmed....period.

    cards have no value 65 oa = 95 oa, bad game play, bad mechanics, bad goalies, bad servers ( and no real compensation to boot...lol ), bad penalties, no cpu penalties....the list goes on and on.

    I love looking at the hut pool and seeing the gamers online is almost 125k less people that 1 month ago, and the auction house is down almost 10k in volume in the same time. and still dropping, slowly.

    if ea is looking to kill the nhl franchise, then they are well on there way.

    my 2 cents for what its worth....and no I will not be buying 21....sorry ea.

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