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PS4 controller left stick issue

Issue in nhl 20 only, with original controller and a brand new one. To start with, I noticed in the player movement page that I cannot use the L2 tab for selecting another league. Aldo In game, my player keeps skating backwards with the puck. This has been an issue since maybe sometime after Christmas. Resetting controller(s) doesn't do anything. Can anyone help?


  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    Are you using an official PS4 controller or one made by a third party manufacturer? Anything plugged into the PS4 like a controller charging dock, external hard drive, phone charger, etc.?

    If it's doing this for both controllers and one being brand new, it sounds like it is either something like a device plugged into the PS4 causing a conflict with it or game files could be corrupted, so I'd advise reinstalling the game if you can.
  • Both controllers are Sony and nothing is plugged in except for the controller charging cable.

    I bought the NHL 20 via the Sony store so I'm assuming I can delete it and reinstall it?
  • You are able to delete and reinstall games if you purchased them via PSN, yes. Are you backskating all the time or only some of the time? It could be as simple as turning "auto-Backskate" off in the menus
  • As soon as my player has the puck either with backstaking on or off
  • Game is currently downloading, should have an update soon
  • Didn't work, same issue. Player picks up puck and starts to skate backwards with it.

    Thing is, I need to reset the controller as soon as I need to press the x button to start the game. Even on another game I need to reset every time before entering the main menu.
  • It's not uncommon for new gear to come off the line out of whack - it's possible your trigger spring could be too tight or wedged the wrong way.

    If you are unable to send it back for a replacement you can always try unscrewing the cover off and reposition the L2 - plenty of tutorials on youtube for this sort of thing (I've had to fix a few R3's in my day)

  • Yeah I've check out some videos myself but nothing helps. Seems both controllers started to have this problem at the same time. I'm not forking out more cash to buy another one so I'll just continue to search the net for a remedy
  • Bought new controller and its working fine. I don't need to reset controller when the game asks to press start and the L2 problem is no longer.

    Took apart the original controller but that didn't do anything except cause my R2 to not work. Ticked off that a 3 month old controller stopped working properly though , but still ok for certain games.
  • Ok now I'm not happy...

    Our new controller is now in the same stage as the other ones. When the game starts with the PS button and loads to the point we need to press x to begin the game...the controller does respond when pressing x button. Need to press PS button and shut controller or reset controller manually and then we can continue to play some games. But we can't play games that require the L2 button.

    Can anyone help?!? Called Sony but can't get to anyone
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    The PS4 controller triggers are much more sensitive to touches than Xbox controllers. They're designed to be played with your finger tips rather than grip them with your entire fingers. Do you or anyone in the household put a lot a pressure on the triggers? I've seen that result in issues for other games as well.

    Do you have the latest software update for your console? This is starting to sound more hardware related based off the newly purchased controller working for a short period of time.
  • After testing with Sony playstation assistant, we couldn't get my ps4 to start in safe mode. She thinks my cable is defective. I'll try to find another one when I can. I'm testing out a few things so I can eliminate what i think could be the reason for the part time "unpairing". I brought back that latest new controller and so far this one is ok, but only time will tell.

    I'll check in tomorrow...
  • Markybubz
    3 posts New member
    94 controller is trash nothing works agaiths STILL STICK how funny EA SPORTS ... no a Strategie to use no stick lifting , pokecheck incorrect always puck stays on opponent how funny WHAT A STUPID GAME THEY DID . TRASH
  • Markybubz
    3 posts New member
    Of course re-build Still Stick controller .... what a **** joke . Where is new patch for 94 controller ????????
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