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Why cant I edit special teams lines?

Why can't I edit my PP, PK, shootout and extra attacker lines on PS4? For example, on my PP1 line, I highlight a player I want to swap out. I tap the x button and on the "What would you like to do screen" shows, Apply Consumable and Player Info as my only options. Why can't I swap out a player for another dressed player? The only thing I can do is quick swap with a player on the PP2 line.


  • The way to change them is by pressing SQUARE and the go to either Fordward or Defense screen by taping L2 or R2, and swap him withthe player that you want. It works exactly like swapping player from one line to the other.
  • Thanks. I really don't understand why it has to be a different process with the special teams vs the regular lines. Just doesn't make sense. Thank you again!
  • It is probably easier to program. That way you can only select players that are already on the team. If they did a substitute button and go in your collection, it would require them to code new setting to show just the players on your team just to make sure that there’s no bug and that you can’t use players more players than you are allowed on your roster. It is easier for them that way, but not for us. You get used to it though.
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