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World Gaming Championship

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I signed up on fce.gg/nhl for qualifications 1 and 2 and I never had my collector to participate in the tournament. I would like to have my problem resolved because I am not happy.


  • EA_Blueberry
    4770 posts EA Community Manager

    Thanks for reaching out to us here and sorry to hear the collectible didn't hit your account. From what we've seen from others that didn't get their collectibles it looks to be due to signing up for the event with an account that doesn't have your PSN ID/Gamertag linked to it, thus there's a disconnection and the system doesn't know where to send your collectible.

    Faceit Support can be contacted here if you need assistance in getting a collectible sent to your account by their sponsored tournament.
  • LouDuQC
    1 posts New member
    My Faceit account has the same email as my xbox account and my EA account. I want to fix the problem
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