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Eliminator is broken

That is all


  • TTZ_Dipsy
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    edited March 2020
    Gonna need to be more specific than that mate.

    Goalies are horrible by design - this forces you to tighten up your defensive play.
    I've already posted a couple of videos on AHQ of me bodychecking people out of the play area in ONES (and them hopelessly stuck u til the buzzer goes) so the team should* be aware of it
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  • Meant the servers lol.
  • Ah, yup they are a little wonky atm
  • EA_Blueberry
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    edited March 2020
    @jrago73 @TTZ_Dipsy

    Can you you let us know which platform and region you're from, as well as if it's 1's or 3's?

    Are you reporting lag, disconnections, or the inability to connect? The more specific information we have the better our team can pinpoint what's causing it.

    Please confirm you've restarted your console and/or network to verify it's still happening after doing so. Thanks for the help ahead of time!
  • jrago73
    748 posts Member
    Last night threes eliminator rounds no matchups on xbox as club or solo off and on (mostly off) for our group with guys in MI, NJ and TX around 7-9pm est. Haven't been around to check today.
  • @EA_Blueberry
    PS4 NA West - I'm already at the completion token stage so there is little point in playing those modes so it's fine with me; connecting to a game isn't impossible, it just just takes longer than usual (of course, it is pretty far into the game's life cycle so it could be that).

    The power cycle trick doesn't normally fix anything for me NHL related
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