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Watch out for this player and his accomplices Hut Trade Scam

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I have screen shots and a unfortunately a sad story of having 3 of my cards stolen through being gullible and trusting.

Collectively the 2 of them stole 300k in cards

91 jt Miller
92 john tonelli
92 tots merkley
messaged me to chat and said he was looking to trade some players.

Instructed me that he would put a card in the auction that I could trade my cards for and he would do the same. I would get his 3 cards and he would get mine..

I even got a screen shot of both of what we agreed to and we would both approve trade at same time.

I never got my trade and he ... they both stole my cards...

Again I have screen shot proof and will do everything I can to get these guys banned.

Reporting to PS as well.

Watch out for them and of course the scam.
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