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Does ea announce when new packs will be available?

Does EA announce when new packs come out or events? Also any word on when the next update will be?


  • Won't be anything new what so ever
  • Won't be anything new what so ever

    What do you mean no more updates?
  • Yeah they stopped doing anything for this game
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    I responded to this question here.

    There won't be any more campaigns but there will still be content like Spotlight Fighters and Event Packs.
  • srf1999
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    Your chances of getting any good cards from packs now is minimal, I played this game almost everyday since it came out... I stopped the day after the last campaign...
  • The chances of getting good cards are definitely not minimal. The POTN packs give you good cards constantly. I mean, the last 20 packs I have pulled 2 master moves and a elite move. And some special Gold ones to boot. It is very constant to get good things out of em.
  • Depends sometimes you can get 20 packs loaded with elite and master moves and fighters or you just get master and eltie perks most annoying is when you keep getting doubles
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