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Can EA please fix the cheat where players quit mid game?

In UT during a match a player can quit Wich 1. Waste you're bonus and two sometimes dosent register at all it says there was an error sometimes it's counts it as me losing! This is a major problem and also lag if I'm in a super laggy game it shouldn't count could you possible add a report lag button or something? Is either of these possible?


  • EA_Blueberry
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    If there was an option in game to avoid losses because you elect to say it was laggy, most players will likely use that to avoid losses. Some of our games have features to allow short surveys in game asking how connectivity was in those matches. That helps provide us critical data to help improve server quality.

    Appreciate the topic on this, I now lag can be annoying to deal with in games were a split second can mean the difference between winning or getting KO'd. I encourage you to rebooting your network before jumping into the game this weekend just to make sure you have all bases covered. When I'm suddenly noticing latency issues, I unplug the power to my router for about 5 minutes while I get a drink, go the bathroom real quick, etc.

    We have some extra steps here if you're interested in checking them out:

  • @EA_Blueberry thanks for the info
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