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Getting split from teammates into different lobbies

Nothing new to the game, big shocker there EA, but aside from that being the obvious answer here, how is it that a team while in the same party won’t even load into the same game together?

Players pick their position, ready up, room leader searches... someone doesn’t get in the game while the rest do. Doesn’t make a difference choosing F, C, W, SKT or who the room leader is.

Happens all day, every day.
Literally. Every. Single. Day. And when it happens once it happens at least 3 out of every 4 search attempts.

What an incredible waste of time just trying to play your game with my friends when every other search we all have to spend 3-5 additional minutes to back out, create a new lobby, wait minimum 45 seconds for everybody to load in, etc, etc, etc... only for it to happen yet again. And again. Then again.

Fifteen minutes later you finally get to play, unless the other side quits before puck drop or after an early goal. Hours pass by when you realize that your team has played maybe a handful of true games.

First thought, why is this ever happening?
Second thought, why isn’t this addressed, patched, fixed, corrected, or even acknowledged by the development team?

I mean c’mon devs, just do something about it. It’s little things such as this that ruin your game & our faith or respect for you. Yes, while it may be minor, it is majorly inconvenient & just ridiculous at this point.


  • This is a far more legitimate gripe than say, your guy having the wrong gloves as the game loads.

    Also happens to me that often, and that's just playing 2s with my buddy.
  • Big facts, easports are you listening to this? Maybe if you fixed issues more people would play the game, instead of spending thousands of dollars on marketing to try to get people to spend money.....make your game worth spending money on and people will buy it no matter what....
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