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Squad Battles Team Overall Rating

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Really beginning to think that your Squad Battles Team Overall Rating means absolutely nothing. The better your team, the worse they play. I mean If your team is 95-99 overall, and you can't score on the 80-85 overall teams with ease, there is something very wrong with the programming in this game.

I don't get why the 80-85 overall team should get every bounce and deflection and it is a grind to win those games. That's absurd. Why build such a great team only to have it have no benefit to your play. In fact, it has an inverse relationship on the outcome of your game.

Gotta fix the game. Don't make the 80-85 overall teams play like magic. It just defeats the purpose of building a great team. Otherwise I can just build a good team of gold base players in a month or two and be done.


  • MFin04 wrote: »
    The better your team, the worse they play.

    That hasn't been my experience. As my team has gotten better and better (I'm up to 95 OVR now), it plays better and better. I keep weaker lineups for the easiest of challenges. I used my 85 OVR lineup a couple days ago for a challenge for the first time in awhile, they were horribly slow compared to my regular lineup and they shot accuracy sucked big time. There's a massive difference there.

    As for the rest of your comment, just because you have a 95 OVR lineup doesn't mean you automatically beat 80-85 squads. YOU still have to beat them. It's just a little easier than if you had a weaker lineup.
  • I'm with Mikey on this but curious if the OP scouts the lineup before playing the game.

    If I get an 85 oppontent with all base cards I ususally have no problem on Superstar with my 95. If I get an 85 with specialty cards scattered in with silvers it will be a struggle because those Icons, TOWs and/or Prime cards just take over the game, as they should. I also make sure I check out what goalie I'm going against and then look up the card to see if I need to go low or high with my shots.

    Adjusting your stratagies in game is also huge. If the score tilts too far one way or the other you need to adjust for it becuase the AI is.

    There is a saying that you make your own luck and like EA likes to say, "It's in the game." No one saw the Blues winning the cup at this time last year but a few bounces here and there and the '85OVR' team took out the 95 and skated with a trophy.
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