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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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Glitch: Your stick changes once you get to the bench!

Read this in full detail, because I didn't know how to title this.

Anywho, if you BREAK your stick on the ice, you're given a new one by your teammates on the bench. Chances are, your teammates give you a stick that isn't actually yours. For example, in my Be a Pro, I use the CCM Super Tacks AS2. My stick broke on the ice, and I was given some brand of Bauer Nexus, as seen here: jn7hm4hts7hq.png.

When I was getting back on the bench, my Nexus changed back into my AS2: vg59hu29a95r.png



  • Because your teammate gave you his stick...
  • Because your teammate gave you his stick...

    Well, yeah, that's how I ended up with the nexus. What I'm point out is how the stick changes in my hand OUT OF NOWHERE. If the game is going to give me my *original* stick back, do it after I'm on the bench.
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