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AI in shootouts.

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edited April 19
A simple complaint. I'm playing Be a Pro...game goes to a shootout. What are the first 9 shootout attempts? The same. Exact. Thing. The AI (All-Star by the way, really difficult and creative) has just skated right into the goalie. No stick handling. This is not an over-exaggeration. They go wide, curl back in and ram the goalie. That's it. The 10th attempt was me and I put it away :unamused:.

Is this the best the AI can do in a shootout? Come ON.


  • I would def want this improved but the CPU is already so good in EASHL I don't want them to be any better!! Apparently if you make the CPU better in one mode they are better in all modes. If only they could find a way to make each mode independent of one another..
  • Yeah but the CPU is awful in Play Now and all offline modes.

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