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NCAA Hockey

Now that the NCAA has allowed players to profit off of their likeness and the potential return of the NCAA football series in the future, EA should consider an NCAA hockey series as well. It could work extremely well if done right and the main selling point could be a “road to glory” mode where you can create a player and play in high school or the USHL and field scholarship offers from different schools (notre dame, michigan, boston college etc) and once your done you can transfer your player into NHL and finish his/her career. If EA doesnt want to completely revamp Be a Pro like 2K’s MyCareer then this could be the next best thing, it would also potentially boost the sales of the NHL series. On the franchise mode side of things you could import created draft classes and add them to the already existing one in the NHL games. I primarily play season and franchise modes and personally i would love to be able to play a season in the ncaa with boston college and potentially play in frozen four and beanpot. I never played NCAA basketball 10 but i’m pretty sure that ea had accurate arena models for most of the schools so they could possibly remodel them and update them for use in this game. Now we cant talk about a potential EA game without mentioning Ultimate team. I dont know enough about the mode to say anything (i never have and i doubt i ever will play it) but if ea wants to make more revenue out of the game they could use the college players and schools and give them their own packs with varying rarity’s and use college legends as the rarest pulls. And with the ncaa likeness they could also add the world junior tournament seeing as they have an accurate team USA roster. Feel free to add any ideas for improvements and game modes. Probably wont happen but hey a fan can dream
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