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Why does Rivals play so different than Squad Battles?

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So I just started playing this game a few weeks ago. I’m playing most of my SB games on Pro and sometimes All-star
I have a handle on the game flow in SB, yet when I play Rivals it feels completely different.
It’s like I need to relearn all of my playing styles. And it’s not due to a human controlled team. It’s everting like not being able to keep the puck on my stick. Or make passes, or shoot.

What settings does Rivals use? Because they’re completely different than SB



  • It is using All-Star speed and sliders. It is not different than All-Star SB. The teams that you face might be higher in overall though and surely better than the CPU on All-Star (most of the time, at least).

    It can be because of your connection also. If it is not the best or if you’re matched with somebody with a bad connection, you might have a delay in the inputs, making it way harder than usual.
  • y0uthX
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    Ahhhhh good point I never thought of that
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