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HUT Rivals Divisions

Is there no function to look up an opponent's division? I do not mean during or prior to a game, incidentally. I'd simply like to be able to know what division an opponent is actually in since the matchmaking is such a mess.


  • boumbidiboum
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    edited April 2020
    I don’t think that there’s a way to know for sure, the games don’t show in the recently played games stats. One way to guess if they were higher, equal or lower than you is with the skill points that you get after the game. If you win, for exemple, and you get like 13+ skill ratings points, your opponent was either higher or equal to you. If you don’t get many point 11 and below, your opponent was most likely lower than you in divisions. Same thing happens for a lost, you loose more points if your opponent is from a lower division than if he is equal or higher than you.

    You can also take in consideration the wait time that you’ve waited for the game to find an opponent. The longer the search is the higher are the chances that you don’t play somebody in your division. It is not guaranteed, but a good indicator most of the time.
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